Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day at the shooting range

I had such a great day today, or at least for the four hours that I was at the range.  I was required to take the six hour CCW class but because there were only two of us in the class the instructor said that we would be taught in much less time.  That's because while the larger classes have to shoot one at a time for the instructor, with only two of us there was hardly any wait time. 

The other person was a very good shot and every shot was within about a six inch circle.  Not me.  I never missed the target and the instructor was impressed that I did as well as I did considering I've never been formally instructed how to shoot.  For the permit I had to shoot my weapon with my right hand with the left bracing it (the normal stance), with my right hand but my left in a fist and clinched against my chest, then with my left hand and my right in a fist and clinched against my chest.  As I said, I never missed the target but my spread was about a foot. 

I was using my .38 Special.  The instructor then let me use some of his handguns just so I could try out a variety.  With one I was an utter failure!  The XD, which many of my coworkers just rave about, was impossible for me to operate.  I couldn't pull the slide.  The instructor said to hold it one way, no, I couldn't pull, try it this way, still no.  Failure.  Good thing I didn't buy that kind.  Then I tried a Glock 26.  This was really easy to shoot.  I used another that shot .22s.  I don't remember the brand of that pistol.  Being a .22 means it's really inexpensive to shoot.  I also had a three inch spread using this one.  Wow, it made me look like I was quite a talented shooter!  I think I liked the Glock the best of the four I used today.

I passed the written test, which I could have passed even before the 2 1/2 hours of lecture, although the lecture was great.  Tomorrow I contact the Sheriff's Department to bring them a copy of the certificate, fingerprints, and pay the fee. 

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