Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chore Chart

The grandkids have their chore chart.  It's on the refrigerator.  Even though they do the same thing each day they still refer to the chart.  They have a few things to do during the school week.  On the weekends they owe me two additional chores of my choosing.  Sometimes the chores are simple.  Wash the baseboards.  Other times they are long and hard. 

Since we haven't been home on Saturday for the last several weeks none of the Saturday chores have been done.  This week, I was determined to make up for it.  After all, it's a three day weekend and we aren't going anywhere!  There isn't any Sunday School.  We can have some good family together time by doing chores.  We got even luckier because the oldest grandson came over last night and traded a couple of hours playing on the Wii for six hours of chores.  Tonight grandson number three is over with the same bargain.  He's not as good of a worker and I expect that he will give me about two or three hours of chores.  An extra granddaughter is over as well.  She doesn't do well with outside chores but will find some "fun" things to do like dusting.  Tomorrow night the oldest grandson and grandson number two are coming over.  Good.  Monday they will give me lots of work time.  The grandkids that live here were told three chores today, and two on Sunday and Monday.  We should pretty well tackle the list.

Here's my list for this three day weekend.
T-posts around the front pasture trees to hold the fencing in place
Take the pile of branches from the front into the back
Spray along the road
Clip the base of the olive tree
Trim fruit trees by garden
Trim fruit trees by lawn
Cut firewood from some large trimmings
Gather all trash, bag it up and put into back of pickup
Add more buckets of rocks inside the barn
Cut down the asparagus
Pull weeds around the asparagus
Dig up some asparagus to transplant
Cut back berries
Dig out the thornless berries (they are awful, the thorn berries taste so much better)
Trim roses
Sweep Patio
Open the pen on the side of barn for the sheep
Sweep garage
Put up fence panels in pasture two and three
Weed under the kitchen window
Wash floors
Spray around blueberries
Spray driveway
Take down the tarp the kids used for playing by the swingset
Cut back the chinese jujube
Wash baseboards
Wash doors and door frames
Wash family room floor
Clean family room bookshelves
Dust dining room shelves
Oil kitchen counters (the counters are all butcher block)
Cut down the bushes in front of the bedroom windows
Straighten the tool shed
Rake leaves
Rebuild the fourth stall
Prepare Income Taxes

We got 16 of the 36 items done.  If it doesn't warm up a little more I won't be able to spray, which is three tasks. I'm really fortunate that the grandkids all have a good work ethic and want to come work on the farm.  OK, they really want to play the Wii and drink Gaterade! What a deal for me!

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