Monday, January 10, 2011

The cordless electric chain saw

I just had to try the chain saw.  I couldn't wait for the weekend.  This thing is nothing like my 36" husky.  That is a monster.  Even my 20" craftsman is a monster saw compared to this little Earthwise cordless 18 volt chain saw.  

My friend bought it for about $80 dollars at Orchard Supply and decided it wasn't what he wanted.  It was too small, the battery didn't last long enough, although I think mainly because it looks like a chain saw for sissies.  I'm not a sissy but I do have to say that the thing is very light weight and worked perfectly well.  It was offered to me for $35 and I'm going to buy it.  Even the $80 would be a good price if you had some money to spare. 

As I said yesterday, most of my tree trimming is able to be done with a hand lopper, although some is done with a pruning saw.  This sure goes quicker than the pruning saw.  If I was cutting trees in my orchard down then I'd need a larger bar but for the tree trimming (which did mean cutting some three and four inch branches) this worked great.  It was also quiet. 

When the grand kids left for school I had about 15 minutes to do a little yard work.  I actually trimmed - ok more like whacked three of the trees.  Several of my trees need radical trimming and I finished a peach, a nectarine, and started on the Chinese Jujube.  With the pruning saw it would have taken quite a bit more time.  I still need to get out the loppers and trim some of the smaller branches because as those of you with chain saw experience know, you don't cut small things with the saw.  They will whip all over and hurt someone.

I don't know how long this saw will last, or what type of maintenance it needs.  The directions weren't clear about needing to put in oil.  Once I got through the middle of the booklet it said, caution, don't run without oil.  It should have been one of the first things listed.  Charge the battery, put in oil.  The battery looks like a common style battery.  I haven't researched whether it is interchangeable with other brands.  I also don't know how long the battery will run without draining since I only used it for 15 minutes. 

I'll know more this weekend, but I do like it.  And it's not just for sissies.   

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