Friday, January 14, 2011


I want to thank the fifteen people who have listed themselves as following my blog.  Twelve of you are complete strangers. Two are friends, including one who insisted that I start this blog, and one is me because when I started this I didn't know what I was doing and signed myself up as a follower!

My blog has been viewed over 5000 times, lately about 50-60 times per day...I'm not really clicking on my own site 45 of those times!  Writing this blog has helped me with my survival preparations.  It's kept me focused.

Just yesterday one of the grandkids was complaining that a girl at school was making fun of her new shoes.  This girl said that her shoes were better and granddaughter's.  The snob also bragged that they cost more.  Granddaughter was complaining and said that she made some snotty comment to the girl.  OK, I have to respond properly...always the lesson to be taught and learned.  First I said that the girls shoes may have cost more but they didn't cover her feet any better.  I also told her that I felt sorry for the girl who felt it necessary to point out her shoes. 

Some responses granddaughter could have made...1. Your shoes are really nice!  2. You are lucky to have such parents who can afford to buy you something so expensive.  3.  How pretty. 

What went through her head...1. Those are hideous (which is what she said).  2.  Don't you realize that what's in style doesn't really look good?  3. Your parents spend lots of money on you, my family spends lots of time with me. 

What did I tell her?  Before anything comes out of your mouth pretend it's not a two way conversation with the snobby girl.  Pretend that it's a one-way conversation.  The only thing that matters is what comes out of your mouth...and by the way...God is listening to you and judging you on what you are saying.

Why am I retelling this story?  I'm not quite sure other than it's my blog and while I'm very focused on keeping my family safe and sound no matter what, which is why I choose to be a survivalist, I'm also aware that our everyday trials and tribulations are very similar to what others are going through. 

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  1. Great story and unfortunately happens every day. As a teacher I see and hear this. You did your granddaughter right.