Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tried to buy ammunition and my CCW training

I was in town today and had an hour to find something to do.  I decided to go to Walmart.  That's where I buy dog food and it's a cheap place to buy some of the ammunition that I use.  I picked up two 44 pound bags of dog food then headed toward sporting goods.  The ammunition case was just about bare.  The last couple of times I've been to Walmart they've had a terrible selection.  I guess I need to find out when they stock the shelves and pounce! 

I will be back in town next week.  I'm taking my six hour training class for the CCW permit on Tuesday.  The instructor is supposed to email me a list of what I need to bring to class.  The weapon, ammunition, and money too.  The class costs $90.  I wonder what else I will need.

I'm sure I have enough ammunition for the class but if not, I'll stop by a local gun shop.  Their prices are higher than Walmart but at least I know they will have what I need in stock.

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  1. We're having trouble finding ammunition also. Our local hardware store is having a tough time getting it. I'm glad you mentions Big 5. A son used to work there and said it usually had what wast needed, and cheaper also.