Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Food Shopping is Ridiculed by Fox News

Fox News did a report on people rushing to the grocery store in the northeast as they were making last minute preparations for a predicted snowstorm.  Come on Fox.  You should know better.  You should have spun the story in a much better way. 

The story discussed the upcoming snowstorm that is predicted to drop a couple of inches of snow.  People made a run on the grocery stores to stock up at the last minute to prepare.  Fox reported that the grocery store opened at 6 in the morning and people were lined up waiting for them to open.  Bread, milk, and eggs were flying off the shelves.  The reported interviewed a couple of people who sounded stupid. 

The reported then started ridiculing people.  These people just went through a huge storm and this storm is only supposed to drop a couple of inches.  Why are they rushing to the store?  You'd think that these people think they won't be able to get to the store and buy food.  It's like there isn't going to be any more.  People were even filling up their carts with food!  Filling their carts!  Some people went in for a second cart.  The reporter ended up making the comment "just how much food does someone need to have on hand anyway?" 

This would have been the perfect opportunity to state that if these people had a food storage program at home they wouldn't have to worry about rushing to the store to stock up right before a storm.  Fox, you blew it.

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