Thursday, January 27, 2011

Up and running again

I really messed up a couple of months ago and because of this I'm now responsible for putting my friend and her entire family into the public eye of this blog (somewhere between 50-75 people per day).  I'm writing this on my blog to openly apologize and to also ask the readers of this blog to please remove some information from their files if they saved some of those specific blogs into individual files.  I can explain better when I go back to the beginning.


My friend talked me into starting this blog.  She's known me for many years (we met when I tutored her in statistics in college) and has observed my evolution from wanting to "emulate Mormons" in their food storage ways to becoming more and more of a survivalist.  She set up the blog for me and used her email address when setting it up.  She also set up the remote blogging where you can email in your blog; you don't actually have to be on the blog to post something.  The remote blog address was a combination of her email and my email.  We both had access to it and every once in a while I'd write something and have her edit it and then post it for me. 


One of the early posts was done at her mother's house while we were both there visiting her mom.  We were on her mom's computer.  Her mom asked for a copy of the post and since we really didn't want her mom to read the blog (sometimes I'm not too polite about the doings of family and friends) I emailed the post to her mom.  Unfortunately, the way I did it was to blindcopy her mom when I emailed the post to the blog.  What ended up happening is her mom then saved the "secret" blog posting address for my site as one of her contacts.  Since the email address to the blog looks like her daughter's email address she assumed it was just that…her daughter's email. 


So, what happened last week on my blog was "mom" posted some family emails.  Anyone who read that post got to hear that my friends work email address wasn't accepting her email so mom decided to send it to her personal email.  She just couldn't remember which of those email addresses in her contact list was the right one so she forwarded her original email to both email addresses.  Voila, two emails, including the email about her fallen bladder got posted!  It would have been funny but this email provided many names and email addresses of my friend's mom and her family members! 


This was the third time she has posted something accidently.  I thought that my blog posting email address was removed from her moms contacts, but I thought wrong.  It never occurred to me that I should just change the secret posting email address.  After being horrified by what was posted on my blog on Monday, and not noticing until Tuesday, I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to change the posting address. It's changed!  The invasion of privacy that I caused my friends family by sending her mother an email which also had my blog posting address for my site was blameworthy.  And for that I am truly sorry. 


I'll be back to writing my blog once again.  I've missed it!

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