Saturday, January 22, 2011

The swollen finger

When we were doing yard work last weekend, I got poked a couple of times by the rose bushes and also the chinese jujube.  My right hand index finger got infected.  It's swollen and a bit sore, especially when I touch it.  (As I was demonstrating this to daughter this evening she kept saying then don't touch it!) It's not really a big deal and my immune system works well enough that in a few more days or a week it will have fixed itself. 

Kaiser has a unique program.  You can email your doctor and include pictures when you have an ailment.  The doctor can diagnose and prescribe stuff for you and you don't have to have an office visit.  I'm trying it here.  I am taking this opportunity to see if my doctor will write me a prescription  for something.  I don't know he will come up with but whatever it is, I can store it for the future. 

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