Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The CCW lecture

As I wrote yesterday, I sat through 2 1/2 hours of lecture during my CCW class.  I'm going to highlight some of what the instructor told me.  I'm sure many of you know this stuff already.  I knew a lot as well, but mainly because it was common sense, not because someone had specifically taught it to me.

Four safety rules:
1. Assume all weapons are loaded.  You need to check when you pick up your weapon or when someone hands you one.  Just because they said it isn't loaded doesn't mean it isn't loaded. 
2. Don't point at what you don't want to destroy.  Muzzle awareness! Most of the time you will point down. 
3. Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the guard until you have your sites over the target and have made a conscious decision to shoot.
4. Always be sure of the target and backstop.  You are responsible for every bullet you shoot.

Store your weapons unloaded, but if it's for self defense then it's not stored!

What if your kids come across weapons?  The NRA teaches them to stop, don't touch, leave, and tell an adult.  No matter what, if another kid picks up the found weapon do not ever have your kid try to take it away.  Remember their four rules. Stop, don't touch, leave, and tell an adult. 

Situational Awareness:  This is something that we talk about a lot.  It's noticing things and forming a plan to what you notice.  Some examples here...You are going to Walmart to do some shopping.  Think about the parking lot.  What do people do in the parking lot?  You get out of your car and you walk into the store.  Or you come out of the store and you walk to your car.  Be aware of people sitting in their cars.  Why are they just sitting there?  Are they watching people?  Are they scanning vehicles?  Be aware of people walking through the parking lot but not going into the store.  Are they looking at vehicles?  Are they looking for people?  What are they doing with their hands?  Can you see their eyes?  What kind of shoes are they wearing?

Your two best friends - Deterrence and Avoidance. Your best day is when nobody notices you.  Don't look like a threat to anybody in your dress or your actions.  Go out of your way to stay inconspicuous.  Don't dress tactical - your looks should come as a complete surprise that you are CCW. 

Don't dress tactical?  Lots of people like to.  What if you are in a bank or a store and a group comes in to rob it?  They make take down the few people who look like they are a threat to the guy in camo.

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  1. Great article. Been planning to take the CCW class soon. Now I know what to expect. Thanks!