Sunday, January 16, 2011

Physical Training for the kids

Ever watch the movie Spy Kids?  It's a fun family movie but the part that really impressed me was the physical training that the parents had the kids doing.  Each morning the kids were required to cross a huge jungle gym and do other physical activity on their way to breakfast.  The kids had no idea that their parents were spies.  They just thought their parents were strange for making them do that activity.

We do things about the same around here.  There's always a time for training, even when they don't know it's training. 

Just this morning boy was outside trimming the roses.  He wasn't wearing gloves.  I told him to go into the garage to get a pair.  We were racing, then he decided to take a short cut.  The roll-up garage door was open about a foot high.  He decided to go under the door.  I laughed and said now that you've gone under the door you need to crawl under the truck.  He laughed and did so while I ran around the back of the house to get into the garage through the man-door.  I got there first. 

I watched his crawling technique.  It wasn't great because his rear was up in the air.  I told him the proper way and told him to get his aunt, who has spent the last 17 years in the army.  She can show him the proper technique.  So, aunt and boy got under the truck and crawled to the other end.  Boy thought it was fun.  My daughter thought I was nuts.

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