Friday, January 14, 2011

Two boxes of ammunition!

I went to Big 5 sporting goods today and they had two boxes of the ammunition I was looking for.  I bought both.  They had signs posted all over that starting on Feb. 1 fingerprints are going to be needed when you purchase ammunition.  For my CCW class on Tuesday I'm required to bring ear and eye protection. I also bought earmuffs since I hate using the little spongy plugs you stuff into your ears.  I haven't spent much money so far this year.  I can't think of a better use than for the CCW.

I will learn the rules about what is defense of yourself and your family.  After all, that's the reason I'm getting the CCW permit.  I got lectured by a friend of mine that I'd better watch out who I shoot once I get the permit.  I'm not planning on shooting anyone but then again, the sheriff doesn't plan on shooting anyone either.  I guess the only ones who plan on shooting anyone are the bad guys.  The others do so because they are forced into it.  If I am forced, I will.  As with anything else, I will practice on the range and in the backyard. 

This instructor usually teaches group classes on weekends or evenings.  I asked for a class during the weekday.  After all, I have a flexible work schedule at times and I'd rather have my evenings and weekends at home with the family.  Tuesday morning we will be at the range.  I'm very excited.


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