Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The rooster

We have two roosters in the chicken coop.  The Aseel banty rules the roost.  That's good because at one point the Araucana rooster was starting to get mean to people who would enter the coop.  The banty beat him up one day.  Now the big rooster is docile to humans.  I really like the banty.  While this breed is known to be aggressive to other chickens, the only one he is agressive to is the rooster and only when humans are in the coop.

I just went out to take care of the chickens and found the banty caught in a chain link fence.  Somehow he got his foot into it and his spur is so long that he couldn't get his foot back out.  He was laying on the ground with a bloody leg.  I got him unstuck.  With the bloody leg, I know the the other chickens will at some point attack him and kill him.  Chickens are cannibals.  I picked him up and he doesn't appear to have anything wrong other than scraping his leg trying to free himself. 

I brought him into the house and had to figure out what to do with him.  I'm leaving again today.  I'll return tomorrow but am leaving again tomorrow evening or Friday morning for another overnight trip.  I have the baby chicken that's been in a plastic bin in the house since we brought it home a couple of weeks ago.  It's about ready to go out to the coop.  I decided to put both the baby chicken and the rooster into my shower.  After all, I won't be here to use it for a couple of days.  The baby chicken shouldn't harass the rooster. When I return after the second trip I'll be able to put both birds into the coop.  I'm hoping that the rooster likes the chick enough that when they go into the coop the chick won't get picked on by the other hens.  It'll be a good experiment. 

Hopefully the rooster will heal and I won't come back to a dead chicken in my shower. 

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