Thursday, January 6, 2011

Up and Down the State

Yesterday we headed north.  We came home today.  Some friends picked up the Grandkids.  I'm heading south now to avoid bad fog in the morning.  I have to work in Southern California tomorrow and Saturday.  Just the other day I made some sort of comment about liking being out in the field rather than sitting behind a desk.  After this bit of travel it's about time for a break!  The kids go back to school next week.  Perhaps I'll take a couple of days off and put in some hard work around here. 

The banty rooster is doing a bit better.  At least he didn't look half dead when I got home.  Checked everything else around here.  All is well after a week of not being around.

The kids get to spend the next couple of days at the bug-out place.  I'm jealous.  Well sorry about not writing much today.  I need to leave before it gets too foggy.

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