Friday, January 28, 2011

What did you do this week to prep?

Each week we should ask ourselves, "what have I done to further my goals?"  
I cured an infected finger...after bragging about Kaiser's new system where you can email your doctor for advice or a quick prescription, I found a glitch.  If your doctor goes on vacation someone should be able to review the inbox but they don't!  I took ibuprofen 2 times a day to help keep the swelling down. I soaked my finger in warm water a couple times each day.   I also bandaged it with an antiseptic towelette under a bandaid.  I massaged it (really I rubbed it a lot, which really hurt) to try to push some of the pussy gunk that was building up in my finger out.  Disgusting!  It's almost better and will be by the end of the weekend. 
I had a safe installed.  I placed all my ammunition in it plus the few guns that I have.  I put my coins in it too.  I gave the combination to two out of town relatives whom I trust.  It's an easy to remember combination because I remember it by months.  For example, if the number is 27 then I could call it Lincoln Ford for Lincoln's Birthday (February the 2nd month) and Ford's (the 7th month).  A combination of 27-49-6 would then be Lincoln Ford Jefferson Taft Russell Bush1.  Of course, I use family birthdays of brothers, sisters, kids, parents, grandparents, etc.  A zero uses a nonexistent name, for example there hasn't been a president Russell. 
I put together my shelf greenhouse.  It's against a brick wall.  This is a metal shelf (four shelves) that I have aluminum foil taped to the entire back side and plastic sheeting going over the top and the other three sides.  The temperature the other day got up to 80 degrees inside my greenhouse although the outside temp was about 55.  I'm going to make sure it doesn't get too hot and cook my plants.  This coming weekend I'm planning on planting some of my earliest seeds. 
I cleaned out my closet...sort of.  I was given about 100 pairs of shoes many years ago.  They are all great shoes.  They are comfortable, they fit perfectly, and cost over $100 each pair, which I wouldn't ever spend that kind of money on shoes except for good boots!  But I did the same thing to these shoes that I do to my clothes each January.  If I didn't wear them in two years they had to go.  I got rid of more than half the shoes.  It really hurt because of the sentimental value...they belonged to an aunt.  But it's ridiculous that I wanted to keep as many as I did.  Sometimes we keep stupid stuff because of the sentimental value.  Take a picture and get rid of it, unless you want to overload your home with so much that you don't have room to breathe.  The shoes now have good homes in someone else's overstuffed closet.
I started working on the hedgerow out front.
I spent no money on food at any restaurant or fast food place.  I spent no money on prepackaged food for any of the meals we made at home.  
I bought 9 boxes of ammunition.   
This week was a very good week. What have you done?


  1. A few questions come to mind. My wife asks what you re going t plant this weekend? Our peppers are in the cellar under lamps and the tomatoes may be started this weekend.

    I was wondering why the "required" installation of the gun safe. We are looking and wonder if there are others that don't require outside installation, we may be moving in the future. Steve

  2. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Eggplant, Lettuce, Onions, and peppers are all going into the greenhouse this weekend. The broccoli and cauliflower do better if they mature prior to it getting too hot. I may also plant tomatoes but after last years tomato disaster (I got my first tomatoes in July, two months after everyone else, even though the plants were put into the garden in April!) I may just wait for another month or two.

    There were two reasons I had the safe installed by the company. First is the thing was so heavy. It's almost 700 pounds. An average refrigerator is half that. I'd have had to rent a truck that had a liftgate because I'd never have gotten it off the back of my pickup. They had a dolly that was more heavy duty than a regular refrigerator dolly. When they got into the closet they had to push hard to manipulate it into place. I'd never have been able to do that either. The combination was in a sealed envelope (sure they could have unsealed it to look) so they never wrote it down. I'd rather have these guys deliver it rather than call up a bunch of friends to help.

    The second reason that I had them deliver and install the safe was because I didn't have the proper drill to drill into the concrete floor. My drill isn't that heavy duty. They bolted the safe down. If I wasn't having them deliver it then I wouldn't have worried about bolting it down. It does provide more stability but I really wasn't worried about the thing falling over on me.

    If I was putting it into the garage or into an open area, with two strong people it could be done (after you get it off the truck) without having it delivered and installed.

  3. Thank you for the reply. My wife said we have most of the same going now also. I happen to be the brute strength of our operation, she the planning.

    Our tomatoes last year were strange also. We talked at the farmer's market and even the growers were having problems.

    I am considering a gun safe, but we may be moving and I'd like something more movable if possible.