Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chipping away at the chores

Not much left to do on my huge list for the weekend. Everyone got done with this round right before lunch.   We spent the day playing and figured tomorrow everything will get finished.  Tomorrow we are going to have a slingshot contest. 

I'm amazed that the good job the eight year old did on trimming the roses.  He was equipped with loppers and a pair of hand clippers.  And eventually he got a pair of gloves.  Here were the instructions: Cut every stem to the height of your hips.  Once that is done pick the best five stems that are growing.  Cut everything else down to the ground level. 

The 13 year old pounded in about 20 t-posts.  When I was talking to his mother on the phone this morning she said that he wasn't big enough or strong enough to do t-posts.  I'm sure glad I didn't pass on that message.  I made his mom look at the good work that he did when she picked him up this afternoon.

The chores:
Clip the base of the olive tree (suckers)
Trim fruit trees by lawn
Cut firewood from some large trimmings
Dig up some asparagus to transplant
Open the pen on the side of barn for the sheep
Put up fence panels in pasture two and three
Oil kitchen counters (the counters are all butcher block)
Straighten the tool shed
T-posts around the front pasture trees to hold the fencing in place
Take the pile of branches from the front into the back

Trim fruit trees by garden
Gather all trash, bag it up and put into back of pickup
Add more buckets of rocks inside the barn
Cut down the asparagus
Pull weeds around the asparagusCut back berries
Dig out the thornless berries (they are awful, the thorn berries taste so much better)
Trim roses
Sweep Patio

Sweep garage
Weed under the kitchen window
Wash floors
Take down the tarp the kids used for playing by the swingset
Cut back the chinese jujube
Wash baseboards
Wash doors and door frames
Wash family room floor
Clean family room bookshelves
Dust dining room shelves
Cut down the bushes in front of the bedroom windows
Rake leaves
Rebuild the fourth stall
Prepare Income Taxes

I'm not going to do the spraying because the humidity is going to be around 90%.  The spray doesn't soak into the plant if it's too cool or wet.  It can wait for another week or two. 
Spray along the road
Spray around blueberries
Spray driveway

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